About my kennel

It was in 1970 when I became fascinated with the greater swiss mountain dogs. The description of the breed appeared in the popular dog book by the late Mr Lubomir Smyczyński, together with the photo, shown below. That description fitted to my idea of a large, strong and alert dog that has stable temperament, is devoted to its master, children and family, yet in the same time reserved with strangers, capable of guarding and protecting, but showing no unnecessary aggresion. And this is what the GSMD is - it combines qualities of an excellent nurse and bodyguard. Their superb sense of smell, together with its willingness to co-operate with humans, enables it to work as a rescue dog and cart dog.

In that times such a dream was really difficult to come true, therefore I had to do with rottweiler bitch instead, namely AJA od Beliny. It was when I showed her in Poznań when I met the first GSMD from Denmark. It licked me affectionately and then I knew for sure that my future will be linked with this breed.

Later I happened to see a TV programme about rescue avalanche dogs, featuring gsmd bitch - HONDA z Lawiny. Ms Marta Gutowska, who was  the first to import the breed into Poland, was the owner. In the following years there were two other gsmd working in mountain rescue, namely ORLA SKALA z Piotrogrodu and German-breed KOSMOS von Beerlage, both owned by Mr Piotr Lucerski.

Inevitably, I had been becoming more and more attracted to gsmd. Eventually, in 1992, I was able to get my first bitch, JAGA NINTA DANSKO, bred in Denmark by Ms Zimmermann, who trusted me her puppy after some hesitation and careful consideration. In that time I was living in Warsaw, in a block of flats. The bitch fulfilled all my expectations. Her lovely temperament, good health and show results resulted in my decision to establish a small breeding kennel. In 1994 we attended the World Dog Show in Bern, which gathered some 50 gsmds. JAGA, shown in open class, was placed 4th in strong, international competition. Not only was it a considerable success, but the trip brought opportunity to meet breeders from abroad, mainly from Switzerland and German. Eventually, I went to Switzerland with a hope to have JAGA (which meanwhile had become a Polish Champion) mated to Ms Schweizer's excellent male, Roy v.Vonderbirch. However, I was not lucky either the first, or the second time. Two trips to the country of origin were not useless, though - I could learn more and meet more dogs.

Disappointed with two unsuccessful matings, I decide to import a male from Mr Delfosse's kennel in Belgium, followed by a puppy bitch. The male, UCO, developed into excellent dog, wheras the bitch, UTA, has never had any pups. UCO quickly became a Champion and produced two litters to JAGA.

LAVA, born in the second litter, was retained in the kennel, registered under the name REFUGIUM, later changed into REFUGIUM POLONICA (FCI). Her show career was pretty short, due to accidentally broken tail, but she turned out an excellent brood. I decided to import a new male, suitable to her. This time the dog came from Switzerland, the breed's homeland, obtained due to enormous help of aforementioned Ms Schweitzer. I brought LEONIDAS zum Ringo dem Grossen, bred by Ms Kuettel.


LEO developed into a lovely male and an excellent stud. He became Polish Champion and European Winner and collected many BOB's. With LAVA he produced many excellent pups, winning at shows in Poland and abroad, which became fundation stock to amny other small kennels: Koneser, z Werwa, Zezujowe Mgly, Mumuru. Their puppies are my pride and joy.

From the last LAVA's litter (to German -bred VOX von Ahnbeck) I kept QUIRA Refugium Polonica. At present she is the youngest gsmd in my home and we hope she will follow her mother in quality and temper.


LAVA's daughter - MAGMA was brought to SLovakia, to the well-known kennel BALIHARA RANCH, run by Ms Liptajova, who in turn sent me her INDIAN SUMMER from Balihara Ranch(INDI, in 2000).

Her pedigree includes"new blood", badly needed in Polish gsmd population. She produced two promising litters, some of the pups well in their ways to Champion titles. I wish them the best luck!

A litter of puppies means a lot of joy, but lots of responsibility as well. I do my best to find them the most suitable homes, where they are treated as full time pets, are loved and spoiled. A gsmd thrives and needs human companionship and attention. I do not sell puppies to kennels: they must live indoors.

A loving home does not necessarily mean a show home, and many of my show quality puppies live happily without ever entering a showground. Pity, one can say, yet I still consider a such a home better than a commercial show kennel.

In most case I am in touch with the new owners and this gives me a lot of pleasure. Breeding of greater swiss mountain dog is my passion and may I hope that my efforts will result in increasing quality of the breed in Poland.


Visitors are always welcomed to meet me and my dogs Barbara Wierzbicka